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Less Admin Hours

Build a thriving club in record time.

AwayGame streamlines the entire ecommerce process, saving club managers and members precious time. No more multi-Karen tuckshop or clubhouse stores. AwayGame saves space, time, and money.
Best Practice Ecommerce

AwayGame works so you don’t have to.

AwayGame works straight out of the box. We did all the thinking, coding, and connecting. The platform delivers a simple and intuitive user experience for store managers and club members.

No More Spreadsheets or Bank Transfers

Beat the paper trail and get paid fast.

The AwayGame platform puts payments on autopilot. We don’t sit on your cash. As orders clear, you receive your payments immediately. AwayGame keeps everyone happy, including the bookkeeper.

Private or Public Stores

Keep it Exclusive or Scale with Merch

Unique access codes allow store admins to invite members and manage access to private stores.  Public stores allow larger clubs to increase revenue selling club and supporter merchandise.

Shopfront Admin Panel

We made it simple. Real Simple.

We reconsidered the entire ecommerce process. We removed the complex traditional store backend and confusing interface. Instead store admins control everything using the Shopfront panel accessible from within the store on desktop and on mobile.

Platform Features

Branded store

Update cover images and upload your club logo to make your site instantly recognisable. Link to your store from your existing page for a seamless brand and user experience.

Rapid Payments

No waiting until the end of the month or 28 days payment clearances. As your transactions clear, Awaygame pushes your cash and payments into you nominated account immediately.

Mobile Optimised

No small images or difficult to read text. Out of the box, we have optimized AwayGame to be mobile responsive and work across all modern screen sizes for a seamless user experience.

Access Management

Control access to your store with unique access codes. Access management allows you to create an open store to sell merchandise or a closed store for exclusive club kit.

Product Waiting Lists

Product waiting lists let you know when it is time for a new order or can be used for bulk preorders. Payments can be processed in advance or automatically as the stock arrives.

Bulk Order Exports

Export bulk order files to send to suppliers and manufacturers. Take payments in advance or set to automatically process as items are shipped from the club.

Order Tracking

Safety, security, and piece of mind. Adding Order and Postage tracking as it becomes available increases visibility, decreases enquiries, and builds that new kit excitement.

Automations + Emails

As products become available, order statuses change, or shipped status updated, the AwayGame system sends email updates automatically so you don’t have to.

Stock Management

Add size variants and stock levels. Levels are automatically updated as products sell. Simply increase stock levels as products arrive to seamlessly maintain your store.

Discount Codes

Encourage new members, loyal fans, and long-term members with store-wide or product specific discount codes. Codes can be unlimited or restricted by number of orders.

Events + Tickets

Sell tickets or limit free entries to those upcoming tours, training camps, or internal events. Checkin quests and athletes on event day with our QR code and checkin App.

Support Centre

Need documentation on how to best set up your store or a little human support, we are here. Our dedicated team get you out from behind that desk so you can get out there.

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